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8 crucial things you must first tell your fitness instructor

things to tell your personal fitness trainer

​One major benefit of working with Fitness LX personal fitness trainers and yoga instructors is that we are able to customize and personalize training packages to suit you. To maximise this advantage, make sure you discuss these 8 things with your fitness trainer before you start training!

1. Major goals you want to attain

For a start, it is important to inform us about the goals you want to attain. We have met many people with a wide range of goals. This is because each person has specific goals they want to meet.

It is by the knowledge of the goals that we will give you instructions and guide you in ways that will help you attain them. For instance, if your major goal is to lose weight or build more muscles, you need to inform us. We have ample knowledge on how to help each person attain the set goals in an effective manner.

2. Medical history

It can be dangerous if you start doing the training without informing us of your health history. It is important you inform us of any chronic health condition you suffer. You should also tell us if you have any type of medications that you usually take.

In addition, it is also advisable you inform us of any other diseases you might have been diagnosed that might affect your training. Any good personal fitness trainer will be able to come up with a training plan that is personalized to meet your needs according to your health status.

3. Tell us what you like doing during the training

It is worth noting that it is you who will be doing the training, and  not us. Therefore, it is important that we give you an opportunity to do what you enjoy doing as you train. Inform the trainer of the things you enjoy doing in your fitness class.
By discussing what you liked with your trainer, it will be possible for us to come up with a more customized training program that fits your specific likes. Enjoying your lessons more will help with motivation to continue.

4. Inform us of any injuries you have or suffered before

You need to tell our personal trainer of injuries you have or suffered before. In case there is an injury that keeps on bothering you, let us know. This will ensure that we do not make you perform exercises that will aggravate the problem.

Since we have the right knowledge, we will even instruct you on strength work that will ensure that the injury does not recur again. We also get professional advice on the best practices that will help you avoid suffering from injuries as you do the training.

5. Your work schedule

It is important as home trainers, we understand your work schedule. This will help in developing a training program that suits your schedule. We will know when you have a more demanding or intense schedule, thus scale down your training regime.

When you do not have a more intense schedule, we will be able to scale up your training. All these will ensure that you do not get strained or overworked leading to fatigue that will hinder attainment of your set goals.

6. Your preferred area of focus

You might want to undergo our training program with special focus on some parts of your body. For instance, you can do the workouts that can reduce belly fat or gain more muscles.

Since we do not know your area of focus, it is advisable you inform us, so that we come up with training techniques to help you attain the objectives you have regarding those areas. We have ample knowledge on the best training that will help you get the best results.

7. Your past success and failures

It is vital you inform us of the success you have made and where you have failed. Tell us some of the reasons that made you succeed and also reasons for the failures.

This is necessary so that our trainer can understand how to create a training  program that will ensure that you only succeed and avoid failure or disappointment. We will know how to keep you motivated throughout to boost your success rate.

8. Timeline

When you begin your training program, you must have a timeline set to have attained some of your goals. You will need to share this with us, so that we come up with strategies that will ensure you can attain the goals within this timeline. We will also advice you if the timeline you have set is realistic or not.

Are you ready to start getting fit? Now that you know how to get the best out of working with personal trainers, make sure you communicate well us.


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