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6 Tips to Stay Fit despite a Busy Work life

How to stay fit despite a busy work schedule

We know that most people have a very busy schedule in Singapore. We have one of the longest working hours in the world, and working so long is bound to give you health problems.

We also know it is not easy to take time out to go to the gym or head for fitness classes, so we came up with 6 quick tips for you to stay relatively fit.

Here are some 6 ways we know that you can keep fit even if you have with a busy office job: 

1. Assess your current abilities and choose the right program

You want to stay fit even with a busy workload. However, your goal has no meaning if you do not account for the starting point. Assess your current physical abilities and then plot your workout routine to fit your goals. 

Choose the correct type of class that offers you the time flexibility and focus on the type of lessons that meet your specific goals. This is so you get the most concentrated results without wasting too much time.

2. Focus on working out efficiently 

Choose a workout routine that you can do almost anywhere. It should be a form of exercise that does not require much in terms of preparation or equipment. Make sure when you start the exercise, you give yourself a time limit - say 1 hour - and you aim to put in all your energy into that 1 hour.

It should be a workout routine that aims at accomplishing substantial physical gains in a short time. Some examples are high-intensity interval training or bodyweight exercises. 
3. Make a schedule that you stick with 

The most common excuse we hear for not working out that usually goes something like this: “I had too much to do today that I just couldn’t fit my 5 minute quick workout session.” That is just not cool. 

To stay fit with busy work you need a dedicated schedule that you stick to week in and week out. 

Working out is a long-term, high-rewards deal. You have to put in the work consistently for life, to reap the benefits. So, make a schedule and keep to it because you know that staying fit is a top priority for a healthy future. 

4. Simple exercises to do at the desk 

If you are REALLY devoid of free time, what you can try are some simple exercises that you can near at or at your desk.

• Stair master: Take the stairs. Avoid the elevators. 

• Wall sit: This is great for building strength and endurance. To do it stand with your back against the wall, bend your-knees and slide-your back down-the wall until you're sitting on midair. Try to get your thighs to be parallel to-the floor. Hold this position for 30 – 60 seconds, maybe while reading a magazine. To go up a level, cross your left ankle over your right knee for 15 seconds. Now switch. 

• Fist Pump: Did I hear someone say that you are getting a bonus this month? Fist pump into the air like the champion that you are!!! Seriously though, punch your fists toward the ceiling for 2 minutes. 

• Shoulder shrug: Raise your shoulders up towards your ears, hold for 5 seconds and relax. Do this 15 times or reps. Try the advanced method and hold heavy books or paper reams in each hand while you shoulder shrug. 

• Perfect your posture: Adjust your chair height. Make sure that your feet, arms and hips are at a 90 degree angle to the floor. This will engage the core of your body. Keep your back straight through the day. Do not slouch. Ever. 

5. Have a good diet 

A healthy diet is essential to keeping fit. Exercise can only do so much to help you attain a healthy lifestyle.

• Make sure to eat breakfast. 
• Stay off excess coffee. Too much coffee can have bad effects on your liver. 
• Drink more water. 
• Eat whole foods, and not junk food. 
• Limit how much alcohol you drink 
• Carry healthy snacks with you. Pieces of fruit and such are great energy boosters. 
• Don’t get stuffed when you eat. Don’t overeat. It slows your digestion down and tires you out. 
• Avoid eating late. This stresses your body. Your metabolism is slowed after 8pm. You don’t want to be overworking your already tired body when you should be resting. 
• Increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Eat 3 servings of fruit a day. 

6. Work with a personal home fitness instructor 

And we’re here at our favorite piece of advice. It’s a sure fact that bringing a personal trainer into your life is a sound decision. Having a dedicated fitness trainer to back you up in achieving your fitness goals is a smart-workout strategy. We’ll support you in assessing your abilities and come up with a relevant workout plan.

We also guide you through overcoming emotional & physical roadblocks, thus getting you the real results much faster than any of the above tips. You'll get all the motivation you need.

Some useful tips to keep in mind are that you and your trainer are going to be spending a lot of time together, so you should try your utmost best to find someone who has the right skills and rapport with you. Also, you have to be ready to do your share of the work when it comes to actually working out.

Stay committed. 
personal fitness instructor at work
Working out with a personal fitness trainer will help you get more focused results in tight schedules

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